2004. Oil on canvas.
660 x 545 mm.
Private collection.



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About this work

This painting sets up a subtle discord by combing together two ordinary objects that do not belong together. As with my previous works, this work engages the picture plane in an illusory way. However, unlike most of my other works, in which I place objects in recessed spaces, in this work I place an object protruding from the picture plane.

An emerging theme in my work is the use of childhood imagery that is subverted by its juxtaposition with other imagery, or by its placement out of context. This theme is linked to my exploration of people’s inner worlds. The inner worlds of children tend to be more complex and vivid than those of adults. These worlds can be colourful and immersive, but they can also become dark, terrifying, and lonely. This work provides an intriguing glimpse at a narrative, which I leave to the viewer to complete. The narrative could, for example, pertain to childhood and birthdays parties, or conversely it could suggest loneliness and poverty.

This work was first shown in my first solo exhibition True Life Story in 2004. It was also shown in Paean to Paint at artSPACE durban in 2005, curated by Dee Donaldson.