I am an artist living in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. I have a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the Durban University of Technology. I give private painting lessons and also teach Fine Art at an arts and design college.

My primary area of expertise is oil painting. You can read my general artist statement below, and some of the works displayed on this site have accompanying artist statements.



In my still life paintings I explore the idea of collecting, preserving, and presenting objects. Sometimes they are more about the study of the objects than the objects themselves, an attempt to make sense of the world by the exploration of its physical elements.

In my portraits I simply wish to portray a quiet and tender humanity. My still life paintings, in the absence of a human subject, speak as much about humanity as the portraits, because they deal with the traces we leave behind, the silence when we've left the room. They show the means by which we try to understand the world we find ourselves in: through science and observable evidence; through mythology and religion; by our great art, literature, music, and other cultural artefacts; and in our interaction (and interference) with the natural world.

I enclose my subject matter within the picture plane in recessed spaces, which suggests that the subject depicted is actually situated in the viewer's perceptual field. This heightens the immediacy and intimacy of the painting, stripping away the safety barrier between the viewer and the subject matter. The surface of the painting becomes a thin boundary that separates the space of our world from the space of the painted world, and yet the painted objects sometimes have the illusion of crossing that barrier.

Following the ethos of the Old Masters, I combine sound traditional techniques with up-to-date research on materials to create works that should survive for centuries. This craftsmanship also has meaning, as it is part of the quality of attention I give to my subject matter.



Solo Exhibitions:

2011 • Assemblage, Tatham Art Gallery (Schreiner Gallery), Pietermaritzburg
2009 • Morphology, KZNSA Gallery, Durban
2007 • Specimen 97-07, KZNSA Gallery, Durban
2004 • True Life Story, artSPACE durban, Durban

Selected Group Exhibitions:  

2016  Transition, The Breathing Space, Durban
 Show 4, Loading Bay Gallery, Durban
2015  Gallery Launch, Loading Bay Gallery, Durban
2014  Anthropology II, The Breathing Space, Durban
 Exhale, artSPACE durban, Durban
2013 Homosapien, KZNSA Gallery, Durban
2011 Inspiration: Durban Art Gallery Archive Show, artSPACE durban, Durban
2010 • Gallery Launch, L'Artiste Gallery, Cheshire, England
  • Wildlands Art for Conservation, Spier Wine Estate, Cape Town
2009 • Enigma, Upstairs@Bamboo, Johannesburg
  • ALPOA, artSPACE berlin, Berlin
2008 • Heaven, South Gallery, Cape Town
  • diminutive, artSPACE durban, Durban
  • Johannesburg Art Fair, Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg
2007 • Marks on Paper, KZNSA Gallery, Durban
  • From Here to There, AVA , Cape Town
2006 • Buzz Art, KZNSA Gallery, Durban
  • ABSA L’Atelier Exhibition, Absa Gallery, Johannesburg
2005 • Paean to Paint, artSPACE durban, Durban
2004 • The Brett Kebble Art Awards, International Convention Centre, Cape Town
  • Instil, St Mary’s Hall, Durban
2003 • Samp and Beans, Bean Bag Bohemia, Durban
1999 • Senior Students Exhibition, Civic Gallery, Johannesburg
  • ABSA Atelier Exhibition, African Window Museum, Pretoria
1998 • Volkskas Bank Atelier Exhibition, Pietersburg Art Museum, Pietersburg

Awards:  Merit Award (one of four) in the 1998 Volkskas Bank Atelier Competition







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